Ask Deb: How Can I Improve My Pointed Feet?
May 13, 2019

Q: How can I improve my pointed feet?

A: The flexibility of your feet depends on their structure and muscle balance. Start by sitting on the ground parallel to a mirror with your legs in front of you. Point your feet and look at the line across the top of the ankle. If the top of your foot isn’t flat across the ankle joint, you may have some tightness in the anterior ankle muscles.

Try focusing on the anterior tibialis muscle, the big muscle on the outside of the shin bone that becomes defined when flexing your foot. When engaged, the function of this muscle is to flex, so if you’re trying to point, that muscle needs to lengthen. My favorite way to release tightness there is by kneeling on a pinkie ball and gently massaging along the length of the muscle. Check your point after rolling on the ball. Do you have more length to the front of the ankle?

You should also strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the feet that draw your toes into a point. Can you point your feet while keeping the toes long and separated? If your arch cramps—congratulations! You’ve found the intrinsic muscles.

While you’re working to improve your feet, keep in mind that it takes much more than pretty feet to make a dancer. Even if you don’t have the most gorgeous feet in the world, don’t ever stop.

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