Announcing DanceTeacher+, Our Exclusive Membership for Dance Educators
January 5, 2022

Dear Dance Colleagues,

I have a question for you: Why did you choose to become a dance teacher?

It’s one of the questions I’ve been asked most frequently through the years. The reality is that, for many of us, becoming a dance teacher wasn’t something we chose to do, like becoming a dentist or lawyer. Because being a dance teacher isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are. 

So no matter what pathway you took to becoming a dance educator, studio owner or dance team director, your ultimate goal is to inspire, enlighten and advance the next generation of dancers, leaders and thinkers. And investing in your own professional development is the only way to do that.

That’s why we’ve created DanceTeacher+—our all-new informative and impactful digital platform that’s designed with your needs in mind. With DanceTeacher+, you’ll have the chance to expand your teaching tool kit and dive deep into the resources you need to refine your teaching practice. You’ll also be privy to the stories that will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of dance education, so you can stay creative and current every single day. 

Here’s what will be waiting for you in the DanceTeacher+ member area as soon as we launch in early 2022:

  • Technique columns and teaching videos that include tried-and-tested methods from expert teachers
  • Health and body tips to support your students’ mental and physical well-being 
  • Exclusive playlists from an all-star lineup of expert teachers in the industry, all eager to share their artistry with you
  • Dance history lessons that will walk you through the storied history of our art form and the lineages that continue to shape the future of our field
  • Lesson-plan support through content that translates to the classroom
  • Expert insight and advice from industry leaders brought to you by the Dance Media editors and our team of dance-education journalists
  • Deals from DanceTeacher+ partner brands so you can enjoy the products and services that matter to you most

Plus, our DanceTeacher+ content vault will only keep growing, so you’ll get access to everything that’s brand-new and upcoming, as well. You’ll also receive exclusive, members-only monthly newsletters so you never miss a thing.

So, what do you say? The future of dance education is in our hands. Let’s envision it together!

To get started, sign up here and be among the first to know as soon as the platform launches. I can’t wait to welcome you to DanceTeacher+!

With excitement,
Reanne Rodrigues 

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