Acceptd Is Offering a $500 Scholarship to College Dance Hopefuls
June 24, 2013

Got a few students who are thinking of studying dance in college? You might want to encourage them to check out Acceptd is a unique website, designed for those on both sides of the college application process: students looking to major in a performing art in college can upload and share a portfolio with collegiate programs and even apply to colleges, and those same collegiate programs can simultaneously search for talented candidates they’d like to recruit.

With Acceptd, students can first explore dance offerings at the many colleges Acceptd partners with, and then find out exactly what they need to submit to programs they’d like to apply to. You can even apply to those programs and pay the associated admission fee via Acceptd. (The website itself is totally free to use, though.) Because Acceptd is also used by college dance programs looking to recruit students, you can choose to concentrate on building your own digital portfolio on the website—complete with media samples, a headshot, resumé and more—and then share it with dozens of programs instantly.

Right now, Acceptd is offering a Get Showcased scholarship contest. You only need to fill out a simple questionnaire and complete the creative response: How have the performing arts impacted your life? The winner will be chosen based on creativity, originality and the quality of his or her answer. You can submit a video, picture, document, audio file or even just plain text when completing the creative response. The winner will receive a one-time $500 scholarship, and the top five entries will have the opportunity to showcase their submission to hundreds of collegiate programs, followers and friends of the site.

So what are you waiting for? Start crafting a response, already!

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