4 Holiday Ballet Production Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
December 13, 2017

These four holiday dance videos are the break you need from the madness of the season. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be recharged enough to dive back into another night of
Nutcracker performances. (Yikes—hang in there guys!) Check ’em out, and share your favorite funny holiday dance videos with us on our Facebook page.


1. The Sugar Plumb Nosedive

Even the most fantastic professionals face-plant every now and then. We do have to say, though, Diana Vishneva sure knows how to recover.

2. The Overly Aggressive Snowfall

Now THAT’S a blizzard!

3. The Demise of Uncle Drosselmeyer

We are hollering! Check out the spotlight as it tries to find him after the fall! 😂

4. A Reed Flute Takedown

Man, she really held on to her prop there! You just
know she had her teacher’s voice in her head saying: “Don’t drop the prop under any circumstances!”

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