4 Core-Exercise Videos That Will Shake Up Your Warm-Up
August 27, 2019

We’re preaching to the choir when we say that a strong core can make all the difference in a performer. You are all excellent at giving your students combinations that will strengthen their abdominals and give them the freedom to dance with abandon onstage. But sometimes those ab exercises can feel a little stale. After a while, boredom sets in, and your dancers get sick of the drudgery of crunches at the end of every warm-up.

Never fear! These four fabulous core exercise videos will lead your dancers to, if not love, at least appreciate, their ab workout.

Check them out!

1. Crunchless

Check out this totally cunch-less ab workout! Your dancers are sure to feel the burn with this one!

10 Amazing Ab Exercises | No Crunches


2. Partner Up!

If you can keep your students from getting to rowdy, this partner workout is a fun way to develop strength. Your students will be able to have fun while developing their teamwork skills as they push through this tough workout.

Quick No Equipment Partner Ab Workout – Fun and Challenging!


3. 10-Minute Circuit

Start class off right by teaching your students this 10-minute ab circuit to do first thing when they come in the door. It’s a great way to get their core tight, and their minds in the right space to work before you dive in to rehearsal.

Fun 10 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout – Quick 10 Minute Abs Workout for A Toned Stomach


4. Gentle Yoga Abs

Try this gentle yoga ab exercise on the days after performances and competition weekends. Don’t let your students slip in their core strength, but give them the opportunity to rest a bit by trying something softer like this.

Yoga For Abs – 6 Minute Abs Workout


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