Singer Tinashe's "Ballet Inspired" Warm-Up Has a Few Cringeworthy Moments
January 25, 2017

Another day, another dance video less-than-professionally executed by a celebrity. This time, it’s singer Tinashe, leading us through a “ballet inspired” warm-up for Allure magazine. It’s clear she’s had some dance training—according to Allure, she grew up as a competitive ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop dancer—but there are also some clear issues, like heels popping up in a second position grande plié and some particularly flamboyant hands and arms. We can appreciate that this is ballet-inspired and not strictly ballet (she does have tennis shoes on), but isn’t it about time we had a professional dancer lead us through exercises like these?

Are we being too tough on her? Watch the video and let us know.

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