World Ballet Day Is Streaming Live RN
October 4, 2016

Today is World Ballet Day LIVE!

I just watched The Royal Ballet do frappés and grands battements at the barre during company class, and I am now a happier person for it. If you’re anywhere near a device equipped with Wi-Fi, now would be the time to visit and watch the live stream of famous companies—The Australian Ballet, the Bolshoi, The Royal Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada and San Francisco Ballet—as they take class and rehearse. (Update: Steven McCrae is wearing what looks like a GoPro strapped to his chest as he’s at the barre. What sorcery is this?)

Now is the time watch and share! Show your students what life is like as a professional—and how important ballet is (just like you’ve been saying for the past decade or two). I, personally, am particularly enjoying learning what the dancers of The Royal Ballet prefer to wear to class.


Got questions? Use the hashtag #WorldBalletDay in your posts, and your queries might be answered over the course of the day.

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