What My Teacher Taught Me: Clymene Baugher
March 4, 2016

Over the seven years that Clymene Baugher has performed with Elisa Monte Dance, founding artistic director Elisa Monte has taught her to channel her adrenaline into her performance.

“I get very anxious before I perform her signature piece, Treading,” Baugher says. “Essentially, the whole solo is done on one leg in very dark lighting. It’s a slow, very difficult piece. However, she’s helped me figure out how to calm down, relax and use that energy as a force of power. She’ll say, ‘Don’t dance it; just move.’ It’s simple, but it’s made a huge difference.”

See Baugher perform with Elisa Monte Dance tonight and tomorrow at City College of New York’s Aaron Davis Hall.

Photo: by Matthew Murphy, courtesy of Elisa Monte Dance

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