What Dance Teachers Want for the Holidays This Year
December 18, 2019

It’s December, people! That means it’s time to put together your wish list for this holiday season. We did some brainstorming and came up with the best possible dance teacher list we could think of. Every dance teacher/studio owner can relate! Let us know what else you’re asking for!


1. Dancers who are prepared for the combination by the time you make it to the stereo.

“Left hand on the barre, please. Please, left hand on the barre. Dancers! Left hand on the barre, now! IF YOU PUT YOUR LEFT HAND ON THE BARRE NOW, I PROMISE TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT!”

2. To never have to rhinestone another costume again.

“Please, I’m begging you!”

3. Students who make it to class on time.

“Maybe then we can finally make it through a full class without rushing!”

4. To never again be asked if dancers can miss an upcoming MANDATORY rehearsal.

“I’m sorry, but NO!!!!!!”

5. Dance parents/caregivers who never talk smack in the waiting room.

“We can hear you—please just be nice! If you have a problem, you are welcome to bring it to me directly.”

6. Dancers who remember to bring all the details of their costumes to every performance.

“Thank you for not making me restock my costume reserves every show.”

7. Choreographic inspiration.

“Ten group numbers, 36 solo and 13 duos later—I need a miracle.”

8. Eight hours of sleep every night for the next 365 days.

“Have we asked for too much? Oh well. A dance teacher can dream!”

9. No more studio scheduling mishaps.

“Studio three is triple-booked? How on earth did this happen??”

10. Positive energy and mutual respect between all who enter the studio.

“What a gift!”

Happy holidays, everyone!

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