How Well Do You Know Your Beyoncé?
April 25, 2017

Beyoncé: She’s the rare performer who both exists in her own dimension of unbelievable talent and also convinces us occasionally that we are ALL Beyoncé. If you’ve been worshipping Queen Bey for years, you’ve also probably riffed on her moves in your own choreography (or at the very least, demonstrated your mastery of said moves for friends or maybe just your mirror). Adam France created this delightful, short video highlighting a Beyoncé move for each letter of the alphabet, and I bet you’re gonna want to watch it and see how many you recognize. Here are a few of my favorites:

M is for Mic Drop

Either you saw this live or, like me, caught it in her documentary Life Is But a Dream, but regardless, your jaw probably dropped when Yoncé revealed her pregnancy to the world at the MTV VMAs. That belly rub move at the end!

T is for Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One

Controversial choreography aside, “Countdown” has a super catchy hook and some pretty memorable images.

V is for Video Phone Braid Whip

We’re all aware that hairography is a very big part of Yoncé’s movement aesthetic. But this braid whip from her collaboration with Lady Gaga is definitely the most satisfying move to bust out when you have at least a two-foot radius between you and other people.

Watch the whole video and tally up how many of the 26 moves you recognize:

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