Watch These Four Dance Videos and Your Wednesday Will Get Exponentially Better
February 25, 2015

Because it’s Wednesday. Because it’s cold outside (for most of us). Because the next federally mandated holiday won’t happen until Memorial Day. There are plenty of reasons we need the following dance videos in our lives. Watch, giggle and share. Hope these cure your Wednesday blues!

First up, we have what I like to call “Little Boy Who Proves He Can Dance Remarkably Like a Fish Out of Water.”

Next up is a personal favorite of mine. I refer to it as “How Otter Got His Groove Back.”

Our third Wednesday-pick-me-up is an oldie but a goodie. Please enjoy “Michael Jackson in Bird Form.”

And finally, we’ve got something a little bit longer for you. Watch these four ladies conquer the “Dance of the Little Swans” from Swan Lake. (Some like to get fancy and call it the “Cygnets’ Dance.”) Who knew pointe work could be so easy?

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