Watch 90-Year-Old Dick Van Dyke Take the Stage
February 23, 2016

Thank goodness for the internet. If you, like me, happened to miss “The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60,” which aired on Sunday evening (How did I not know this was happening?), the internet has gifted us with a video from the most memorable performance: an updated version of “Step in Time,” from Mary Poppins. Derek Hough, who semi-hosted the televised, live-performance extravaganza, led the number—only to reveal a surprisingly limber Dick Van Dyke at the routine’s end. (Van Dyke is…90.) OK, so Van Dyke didn’t dance for that long, but still! Impressive.


And because it’s impossible to mention Mary Poppins (Also, they’re remaking this! Sort of. Did you know?) without daydreaming about the amazing dance in the film itself, here’s this, for your viewing pleasure:


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