Try Not to Giggle at These Swedish Marines Performing "Greased Lightning"
January 29, 2014

Either these men have too much time on their hands or they’re extraordinarily devoted fans of the musical Grease (and we’re hoping it’s the latter, of course). A group of Swedish marines made a move-for-move reenactment of the famous movie-musical song “Greased Lightning,” and boy, do they give John Travolta a run for his money! Though they replace the high school auto shop and 1950s leather jackets with massive army vehicles and camouflage, all of the dance moves are there. You’ve got minor acrobatics, jumping off cars and the classic lateral finger-point move that accompanies the chorus.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve posted not only the Swedish lip-synced version of the song but also the original—feel free to compare. You’ll have a hard time finding fault with these dance-crazed Swedes.

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