Treat Your Feet With These 4 Soothing Remedies
April 30, 2018

After a long day in the studio, tootsies need a little TLC.

Soak It Up

An Epsom salt bath can help reduce inflammation, but be warned: It may also soak away calluses.

A Homemade Ice Pack

Massage sore soles by rolling a frozen water bottle on them.

Roll It Out

While standing, slowly roll out tight fascia and muscles on a tennis ball, using your body weight to increase pressure.

Toe Stetchers

Wear toe stretchers like YogaToes when you’re relaxing, to realign the bones.

Something else to think about: Dance shoes are confining, especially when a snug fit creates a cleaner line along the arch. Make sure you can feel the floor without the toes knuckling. Outside of class, choose supportive footwear. Avoid high heels, which keep your calves working. Completely flat shoes aren’t ideal, either. Those with high arches should try a very low heel for extra support under the arch. For flat feet, find flat shoes with arch support. Many dancers swear by Clarks or Dansco clogs. Skip backless styles, though, which require you to scrunch your toes to keep them on.

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