The Top 5 Best Dance Moments from the Super Bowl Halftime Show
February 2, 2015

Okay, so we’re using the term “dance” loosely here. We know. But there’s no way we’re going to not talk about dancing sharks. Here are our favorites:

1. Did you see the men in black stealthily working the legs of the giant tiger-lion Katy Perry rode in on? So Lion King, right? (Also, did that liger remind anyone of the giant sand liger from Aladdin? I kept waiting for it to growl, “WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?”)

2. Chess-piece dancers who do back flips. Standing back tucks are nothing to scoff at, but standing back tucks while wearing a stiff, geometric horse headpiece? Whoa.

3. Dancing sharks, surfboards, beach balls and bathing suit–clad ladies. Need we say more? (Maybe just a bit more—they even lip-synched!)

4. Missy Elliott’s hip-hop backup dancers. They came, they danced, they conquered. If only they’d been slightly more visible!

5. Those ubiquitous ball dancers! It took me a full three seconds to realize that there were people holding those multicolored orbs up. Lots of people with rhythm + well-used props = magical effects.


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