Tookey-Choreographed Music Video to Premiere in September
August 26, 2013

Bruce Weber and Kathryn McCormick in the “Ocean” music video

Stacey Tookey has choreographed the music video for the new single, “Ocean,” by singer-songwriter John Torres, set to premiere this Sunday, September 1. Starring “SYTYCD” darling Kathryn McCormick and Cirque du Soleil’s Bruce Weber, and directed by Tory Nelson, the film revolves entirely around the relationship between the dancers. “I’ve done a few music videos, and most that have classical or contemporary dance also have the artist in them,” says Tookey. “But [Torres] said he just wanted the dance. I think that makes this video unique.”

According to the choreographer, dancers had one day to learn and rehearse the movement and another (loooong) day to film on location along the California shoreline. Luckily, she adds, their chemistry was instantaneous. The final product, complete with swirling purple cloud effects, will be unveiled Friday, September 13.

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