6 Times Dancers Clapped Back to Trolls on Social Media
April 6, 2018

It’s tragic, but in 2018 it seems cyberbullying is par for the course for having any kind of a social-media presence. 😔 As a teacher, it can be absolutely terrifying to know how to help your students deal with this kind of thing. Thankfully, we have some excellent examples in the dance world today who can show us how it’s done!

Here are six dancers we love who dealt with negativity online, clapped back, and then gracefully shook it off in order to continue on as their stellar selves. We love the great example they are, and hope it inspires everyone to be kinder online! In the meantime, we will be taking the advice of the great Taylor Swift and, shaking it off!

1. When Misty Copeland graciously responded to the haters.

2. When Kyle Hanagami clapped back by taking the high road after @bookdnblessed made a meme about him.

3. When Travis Wall took the negative things people said about him and turned them into a gorgeous and inspirational concept video.

4. When Galen Hooks put @bookdnblessed in their place.

5. When “Dance Moms” Alum Mackenzie Ziegler told people to ignore troll comments (1:06).

6. When Lizzy Howell responded to negativity by dancing her heart out.

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