Three Dancers, Ages 80 and Above, Who’ve Still Got It
April 8, 2016

These ladies like to move it (move it).

Guys, you can’t make this stuff up. Remember the Milwaukee Bucks Grand Dancers—a dance team made up of people ranging in age from 58 to 75? Allow me to introduce you to a couple of other elderly dance folk.

Here are Mary Thompson (age 80) and Eleanor Fredriksen (83) showing us how to stanky leg, whip and nae nae. (OK, so their interpretations are what you might call liberal—but still. These are serious moves, people.) Both of these ladies are residents at the assisted-living facility, Somerby of Peachtree City, in Georgia.


And then there’s the 85-year-old U.S. Navy veteran Arne Mayala, who’s taking tap class for the first time. Just because. (The best part? Reading the comments underneath this video and learning how many danced well into their twilight years.)


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