This New-and-Improved PE Class Lasts All Day
October 27, 2015

Charleston, South Carolina, has a few things figured out. Students get to approach physical education in a whole new way, as part of an initiative focused on something dance teachers have known for a while: Movement equals better grades and behavior. Many of Charleston’s school kids get to experience this new approach to learning in a variety of ways: desks that double as exercise equipment; yoga class; advanced PE; and circuit-style training, in which they complete schoolwork while moving from one movement station (exercise bikes, stair-climber, basketball hoop) to the next.

While our readers aren’t new to the fact that movement-based lessons can make academic concepts easier to understand, it’s heartening to see Charleston taking such a big step forward. First step, yoga and advanced PE; next, dance!

Check out this video of students at Charles Pinckney Elementary School to get a better visual:

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