This Is What Every Dance Lover's Perfect Day Looks Like
August 15, 2018

One of my favorite questions to be asked is, “What does your perfect day look like?” I love it so much because I have my response down to a science! As a dance lover, it’s simple. My perfect day would be filled with ALL dance ALL the time. It would be HEAVEN!

Because I know our readers are dance addicts, too, I thought you might relate to my oh-so-dance-obsessed 24 hours as well. Check out what made the list, and let me know if there are any “MUST-DO’S” that we should have included over on our Facebook page. On your next free day (lol, cute right?) give it a try, and let us know if it’s as fabulous as we think it is!

1. Wake up to “Dancing Queen” blaring through the alarm

Now THAT’S the kind of wakeup call I could get used to!

2. Pajama floor barre

Knowing what dancer, dance teacher and choreographer schedules look like, I’m assuming you’re all just as dead tired as I am when you wake up. To help get the day started right, floor barre in your apartment is the PERFECT recipe. Your body will be warm and prepared for all the other crazy movin’ and groovin’ you’ve got later that day. Find your rotators and find your confidence!

3. Hit the studio

Whether you’re dancing at BDC, Millennium, Steps on Broadway, EDGE or your local studio (that you very likely own—let’s be real), a day is always better when you can pour your heart into the floor. Ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, contemporary, Bollywood—YOU NAME IT! The studio is your oyster!

4. Teach

We may be biased, but we tend to think this is about the most gratifying thing you will ever do. A perfect day wouldn’t deserve the name if you didn’t get to inspire the next generation during it!

5. Eat a delicious and healthy lunch

Gotta feel good to dance good! (OK, so maybe this wouldn’t fit in with EVERYONE’S perfect day, but for dancers, we know the value of a hearty, nutrient-filled meal.)

6. Watch a cult-classic dance movie

Whether it’s Step Up, Dirty Dancing, The Turning Pointe or anything else, THIS IS A MUST! Add some TheraBand stretches and splits to the mix and you’ll have reached pinnacle dance-contentment.

7. Improv jam sesh

Whether it’s at home or in the studio, there’s nothing quite like moving your bones and improving, to your heart’s content. Tap into the most creative version of yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

8. See a live performance!

The finishing touch to this wonderful day is to see a live performance. No matter the genre, experiencing live art is essential. We all need it. Trust me!

Enjoy the best day of your life, people! You deserve it!!

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