This College Freshman Has a Secret to Nailing Beyoncé's Choreography
April 20, 2018

This past week, Brianna Bundick-Kelly broke the internet when she posted a video of her dancing Beyoncé’s Beychella, only hours after the live performance. The Virginia State University freshman, who’s Twitter handle is “Briyonce,” told Business Insider that she taught herself the choreography in 40 minutes. For dance teachers, this might seem just like another day at the office–dancers are supposed to pick up choreography fast, right? But Bundick-Kelly gets some serious props for her near flawless slaying of the Queen B’s latest moves from a video, a feat she’s no stranger to.

In May 2016, Bundick-Kelly posted a similar video from Beyoncé’s Formation tour. So, what’s her secret?

“Beyoncé’s choreography is so intricate,” says Bundick-Kelly, “so I take it an eight count at time, drill until I get it done, then add the next eight count, and so forth, until I got the whole thing down.” Once she has the choreography down, she keeps running it while watching Beyoncé to pick up hand placements and other details, she adds.

And here’s Bundick-Kelly’s video from Beyoncé’s Formation tour:

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