“There’s nothing solo about the solo.” —Leah Cox
May 2, 2016

A bright point in our January doldrums was the American Dance Festival winter intensive, where we got to meet Leah Cox. You may remember Cox as the audacious dancer with the shaved head who performed with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company from 2001 to 2009. Not only did ADF’s new dean enthrall us with her moves during our cover shoot, we learned that her intellect is just as lithe as her physique. Here are just a few of the stimulating tidbits Cox tossed out during her composition class that day:

“Use the tools of cinema. Jump cut to close-up. Pan out. It’s not about continuous movement phrasing.”

“We are both particle and wave. In physics—space, time and relationship—there is no emphasis on being creative.”

“Be in the space. Ignore the mirror—don’t do the dancer thing where you kind of look.”

Just as “there’s nothing solo about the solo” in dance composition, you are not alone when it comes to running your studio business. The topics we address in our Special Section this issue have inspired animated discussions each summer at our Dance Teacher Summit. There is much we can learn from each other, and in that spirit, we share “Best Practices for Studio Management.”

And we’d like to hear from you as well. Write me at [email protected], and let me know how you’ve adapted to changing times and technology. Even better—tell us in person. Join us at the Dance Teacher Summit: July 29–31, NYC, or Aug 5–7 in Long Beach, California. Details at danceteachersummit.com.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

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