The Truth About Coconut Water
October 4, 2012

There’s nothing wrong with the stuff, experts say, but it might now be worth the hype. 


The pros: Coconut water is a tasty way to replenish electrolytes while exercising, and it does it with less sugar and calories than a traditional sports drink. It’s also a good source of Potassium.


The cons: It doesn’t give you back any of the sodium you lose while getting sweaty (supplement it with a few Saltines to solve that), and there are plenty of other sources of Potassium—like bananas—that also contain fiber and other nutrients.


The biggest complaint about coconut water, though, is its price tag. A 14-oz bottle can run you as much as $3.50. So, bottom line, while there’s no harm done by drinking it, health experts want you to know that if you choose to pass on the Vita-Coco craze, you won’t be missing out nutritionally, and you’ll certainly be saving some cash.


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