The Dance Photography Book You Need to Get
December 15, 2015

The cover of Greenfield’s new book of photography

If you’ve ever taken part in a dance photo shoot, you know how difficult it can be—hitting the perfect pose over and over again while trying to project a facial expression of complete serenity and ease. Plus, the lighting needs to hit your face and body perfectly, and you have to stay in the frame. (And we know our readers can attest to the fact that even recital book photo shoots can be a weekend-long, draining affair.)

But when you see the final, perfect image, you know it was all worth it. For many dancers, getting photographed by the best in the biz is a career goal. (Some dancers will do pretty crazy things to get photographed by Jordan Matter, for example.) Lois Greenfield, considered by many to be one of the best dance photographers, recently published a new anthology of images she’s taken over the last two decades—some 150 photographs in total. Lois Greenfield: Moving Still captures talented contemporary dancers in truly sublime moments.

Holiday gift, anyone?

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