Technology: TED-Ed
July 1, 2016

Turn videos into interactive lessons.

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Need to reenergize your interdisciplinary lesson plans? Try TED-Ed, an online education platform that allows you to create interactive lessons. Select a video (either from the site, a TED Talk or YouTube), and use the editor feature to begin building your lesson. You can include multiple-choice and open-answer quiz questions, discussion prompts and a “dig deeper” section with additional resources for students to explore.

If you need inspiration to get you started, TED-Ed also allows users to customize existing lessons. Some favorites include:

“The Physics of the ‘Hardest Move’ in Ballet,” which breaks down the science behind the famous fouetté section in Swan Lake

“The Origins of Ballet,” an animated video that takes you back to the birth of ballet in Italian courts

“A Tap Dancer’s Craft,” a brief history of tap dance and its ever-evolving role in the world

Once your lesson plan is complete, you’ll receive a unique URL to share it with your students (they’ll need their own TED-Ed accounts to participate). You can monitor the progress of your class and view responses as students submit work. 

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