August 1, 2014

Personal security app for Facebook; free

The ubiquity of social media can occasionally result in unwanted attention, and as a studio owner or teacher, it’s in your best interests to keep your Facebook profile—or your studio’s profile—squeaky clean. But Facebook’s intricate privacy settings can be confusing, and many social apps and games are granted access to your personal data and sensitive information. Enter, an app that acts as your personal public relations rep. After scanning your profile, the app identifies any potential problems, like personal information that would be better off kept private, or harmful or negative posts by you or your Facebook friends. also inspects every social app you use and identifies which ones you should be cautious of, before they become a threat to your privacy. This app will even flag photos of you (including those not yet tagged, thanks to facial recognition) that shouldn’t be shared. With this kind of security technology in place, potential students (and parents) will see only the content that doesn’t put your reputation at risk.


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