Technology: PairShare
October 1, 2014

Music streaming and sharing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; $0.99 on iTunes

Squeezing in a last-minute, pre-performance rehearsal can be downright trying. Good thing there’s the PairShare app, the perfect tool for quickie backstage rehearsals. In lieu of clunky portable speakers or phones with low volume, now you can stream music with others using each person’s own headphones and compatible device. You and your dancers can hear the music in real time, at the same time. Simply create a share list of your music and allow the app’s autoscan to find nearby friends. Once connected, everyone can listen to the same music—in sync. The app’s Bluetooth connection allows users a range of up to 300 feet. If a dancer strays too far while rehearsing, PairShare automatically reconnects once he or she steps back in range. The app’s intercom feature even allows you to chat when you pause the music, so you can offer corrections to your students without raising your voice to be heard.


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