Technology: Move ’N See Pixio
October 31, 2016

Auto-follow robot camera operator

$742; ships worldwide

How often have you carefully set your phone or tablet high in the corner of your studio, hoping to record a run of a dance, only to find a third of the dancers were cut out? Without a personal cameraman constantly at your service, you probably run this risk often. That’s where the Move ’N See Pixio can help. Originally developed as a tool for sports performance improvement, the Pixio—a motion-activated camera operator—follows around what’s in the camera’s viewfinder when it’s recording. It’s definitely a pricey option (it comes with the robot, a control watch with wristband, three micro-beacons on tripods for different angles, batteries and chargers), but it works indoors and out and can track up to 16 dancers. If you’d prefer not to use the watch, download the Pixio’s free app for iPhone or Android to direct it via remote control on your smartphone or tablet.

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