January 1, 2014

Conference call services

Scheduling an in-person staff meeting with your dance faculty—one that works for everyone—might often feel like trying to get the stars to align. makes scheduling meetings a snap, since they can be held entirely by phone (and therefore, on the go). This free service requires only a name and corresponding e-mail address to get you started. In return, you’ll receive a dedicated dial-in number and access code to share with your meeting participants. There’s no need to make a reservation for a call, and each call can last up to six hours and include 1,000 participants.

Don’t have enough hands to take minutes during the conference call? will also record your phone meeting, which you can later access by computer or phone, then distribute, archive or send to your staff via RSS feed or podcast. The service will even e-mail you a detailed report after every call, in case you later need to look up the date of the call, who participated or how long it lasted. Though nearly every feature of the service is easy to understand and use, offers 24-hour technical support over the phone.

If you’re looking to step up your conference calls, the same company also offers, for high-definition quality sound, and, which allows you to screen-share with the call participants.


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