Technology: Coach’s Eye
July 1, 2014

Rehearsal aid for iPhone and iPad; $4.99 in iTunes, with optional add-ons

When it comes to learning complicated dance steps—how to do a pirouette, for example—teachers can see much more than students can. After all, a spinning student can’t watch herself in the mirror 100 percent of the time. Coach’s Eye is a video recording and instant replay app with slow-motion playback, one that will give your students the chance to see and understand the corrections you’ve given them from a new perspective. You can even compare two videos side by side on your iPhone or iPad, with the ability to zoom in on or pan over the details you need to closely examine. Want to make sure your students remember everything you cleaned in a dance last week? You can create and share analysis videos with audio commentary and annotation. Coach’s Eye allows you to draw directly on the videos with lines, arrows, circles or squares, or by using a freehand tool. If you find yourself creating video after video, don’t worry: You can keep them organized by tagging them. Premium tools, like adding a colored and zoomed spotlight to point out a particular detail in a video, are add-ons you can purchase within the app.

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