Teachers Gear up for Back-to-School with NDEO
July 24, 2013

Why should students have all the fun? Teachers can get in the back-to-school spirit, too, with NDEO’s latest dance education courses. After offering Mini Courses over the summer, the organization’s Online Professional Development Institute is launching three new classes this fall. And just to be clear, this is an online continuing education institute. That means you can study in yoga pants, from the comfort of your own home or dance studio, possibly while sitting in a stretch, and at your own pace.

Whether you’re working toward the Certificate in Dance Education or simply growing your teaching toolbox, OPDI’s new 12-week courses offer the chance to learn from accomplished experts in the field. Patricia Cohen, Lynn Monson and Karen Bradley will lead Intro to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts, Creative Dance in Early Childhood and Intro to Dance Education: Theories & Practices, respectively. Bradley has published a book on Rudolf Laban, Monson has held prominent titles in state dance education organizations and Cohen trained under jazz greats. Hungry for knowledge yet? Visit ndeo.org/opdi for more information, then hit the books!

Photo courtesy of Rose Eichenbaum at UC Irvine

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