What My Teacher Taught Me: Petronio's Jaqlin Medlock
April 3, 2015

As a college student, Jaqlin Medlock—now a dancer with Stephen Petronio Company—needed coaching on a part of dance that’s often overlooked. Her ballet teacher at Marymount Manhattan College, Pedro Ruiz, helped her focus on her transitions—which led to big changes in her performance.

“I learned not just technique but the importance of the in-between things, like coming out of a pirouette or a tour jeté. He taught me how it can be captivating when you watch someone do a tendu and you can see all of the muscles gather in their feet—that changed how I dance. Now, I always have Pedro’s voice in my head when I dance.”

Stephen Petronio Company will perform at The Joyce Theater in NYC, April 7–12.

Photo by Sarah Silver, courtesy of Stephen Petronio Company

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