Tamara Rojo stars in Badass Car Commercial
September 24, 2013

Over the summer, Lexus UK debuted an ad campaign featuring English National Ballet dancers. The tasteful black-and-white films show glimpses of virtuosic turns, jumps and lifts from all angles, interspersed with footage of a shiny Lexus doing its best to keep up. The dancers are supposed to demonstrate the power and agility of the new IS 300h model. After watching all three commercials, I wouldn’t recognize that car if it was parked in my driveway, but I do remember the dancers!

In this TV spot, ENB artistic director Tamara Rojo dominates a video whose clever punch line, “A stronger body for greater control,” appears over a shot of a pirouetting pointe shoe and almost makes me think I understand how cars work. You can see the other two commercials plus a behind-the-scenes interview with Rojo on Lexus’ website.

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