When Your Stage Is Not a Stage

To create a multimedia piece that premiered at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in 2014, choreographer Andrew Bartee filmed Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers performing in vastly different surroundings, all within Olympic National Park. While dancing in...
Dance History Lesson Plan: Eiko & Koma

Dance History Lesson Plan: Eiko & Koma

Eiko Otake and Takashi Koma Otake are interdisciplinary performance artists from Japan who have been creating work together since 1972. Although they don’t consider their work butoh—a Japanese performance art recognizable for its intensity, control and heavy...

In Dance Videos, Location, Location, Location

Shift One of today’s popular dance film techniques is to show the same choreography in multiple settings, as the viewer switches seamlessly among them. It’s a simple camera trick, but each site lends its own tone to the performance and draws out different nuances of...

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