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And the Cast of the New "West Side Story" Movie Is…

Something’s coming, I don’t know whenBut it’s soon…maybe tonight? Those iconic lyrics have basically been our #mood ever since we first heard a remake of the West Side Story film, directed by Steven Spielberg and choreographed by Justin Peck, was in the works. THE CASTING. THE CASTING WAS COMING. Well, last night—after an extensive search […]

Let Justin Peck’s New Ballet Trailer Inspire Your Monday Commute

Ballet choreographer wunderkind Justin Peck dropped a trailer last week for his new ballet, The Times Are Racing, and I can’t stop watching it. That’s partly because it takes place in a subway station—which fascinates me endlessly as a New Yorker (Look! I take those stairs!)—but mostly because the score by Dan Deacon is driving […]

Three Times Ballet Dancers in Street Clothes Wowed Us

A screen capture from Heatscape Vogue recently spotlighted this film, which previews Justin Peck’s new work, Heatscape, to be premiered by Miami City Ballet at end of the month. In the video, dancers—casual in jeans and Keds—explore the city’s mural-covered Wynwood Walls, which inspired the ballet. If you like that, be sure you’ve seen the music video for “Man […]