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The Story of How Ballet Legs Got Higher, and Higher, and Higher

Just before retiring in 2015, Sylvie Guillem appeared on “HARDtalk with Zeinab Badawi,” the BBC’s hard-hitting interview program. Badawi told Guillem, “Clement Crisp of the Financial Times, 14 years ago, described your dancing as vulgar.” Guillem responded, “Yeah, well, he said that. But at the same time, when they asked Margot Fonteyn what she thought […]

15 Ballet Terms and the 3 Ways You’ll Remember What They Mean

They relate to animals: 1. Ailes de pigeon, a type of cabriole, means “pigeon’s wings.” 2. Chaînés papillon is chaînés with butterfly arms. 3. Pas de cheval, meaning “horse step,” resembles a horse pawing the ground. 4. Poisson is a position like a fish, with legs together and back arched. 5. Saut de chat, or […]