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2023 Dance Teacher Award Honoree Irene Dowd Has Transformed How Dancers Learn Anatomy

Irene Dowd brings the teaching of anatomy to dancers into motion. As a teacher of functional and kinesthetic anatomy and neuromuscular reeducation, perhaps most notably as a member of The Juilliard School’s dance faculty for 28 years, and the author of the seminal Taking Root to Fly: Articles on Functional Anatomy, she has influenced generations of dance professionals.

How Alicia Graf Mack Cultivates Curiosity and Creativity in Her Juilliard Students

School administration may not seem like an obvious path to exploring creative practices and processes, but the approaches that academic leaders take will either spark or extinguish their students’ engagement. Alicia Graf Mack, the dean and director of The Juilliard School’s dance division since 2018, utilizes a service-oriented approach to bolstering young dancers’ artistry. Building […]

Scared Your Company Might Close? These Artists Have Been Through It and Have Some Advice

One of the most difficult parts of this pandemic is coming to terms with the fact that, not only are almost all artists out of work right now, for some, the work won’t be there any more when the world opens back up: not all dance companies and businesses will make it through to the […]

DT January Cover Star Alicia Graf Mack Featured on NY1 Offering Classes Via Instagram

American Ballet Theatre principal dancer James Whiteside is doing his best to adjust to life at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Watch below for his insights, and see who among the ballet world’s best is teaching online, including DT’s January cover star and director of The Juilliard School’s Dance Division, Alicia Graf Mack (minute 1:07). […]