December 1, 2014

Online survey-generating software at

Free basic service; $26/month select service; $300/year gold service; $780/year platinum service; free app on iTunes

With SurveyMonkey, you can build questionnaires that will help you better satisfy your customers. Use it to send quick polls to parents about studio policies or for more extensive feedback on overall satisfaction. Not sure where to begin? The site has a question bank of pregenerated queries for you to choose from or use as a jumping-off point for your own. Personalize your survey with SurveyMonkey’s wide selection of design features: With the basic package, you can add color schemes to match your studio’s colors; with the most advanced, you can completely incorporate your brand into the survey, even adding a logo. All of the program’s surveys are media-, e-mail- and mobile-ready. They can be embedded into a website or sent in a text message, making it easy to reach people and a snap for them to respond. You’ll get real-time responses as they roll in, complete with graphs and charts to analyze responses.


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