Summer Salsa!
November 29, 2001


If our June ’08 cover story on ballroom stars Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin inspires you to cha-cha, look no further. You too can add simple Latin flair to your summer dance combos by mastering some easy salsa moves. The traditional partner dance found its way into New York City dancehalls in the 1950s, and has since become an international sensation on both the dance floor and onstage. Modern salsa incorporates various Latin dance steps, fusing them with elements of tap, jazz, reggae and hip hop.

Free your students’ spirits by incorporating salsa’s zesty moves into tap, jazz, musical theater and hip-hop choreography. The expressive quality of the dance allows for improvisation, and the unconventional timing of the steps will challenge your dancers’ musicality.

Free salsa classes are offered all over major metropolitan areas, ranging from beginning to advanced levels. Gather your fellow dance teachers, and make it fun night on the town!

Not sure where to find classes? Check out websites such as ( or CraigsList ( to search for classes in your area.

Free Classes in the NYC Area:

Club Cache
Touted as one of NYC’s “best kept secrets,” this underground club offers a free class at 10:15 pm before turning you loose on the dance floor.

NYSalsaFiesta Socials: Fun, salsa-style “parties” that offer free classes before each session. Socials are located all around the Manhattan area:

Mambo Con Salsa @ Session 73
1st Ave and 73rd St, NYC
Free class at 7:30 pm, Live Band at 9:00 pm

Salsa on the Pier @ South Street Seaport
Skipper Café-89 South Street Pier 16, NYC
Free class at 7:30 pm, DJ at 8:00 pm

More info available at:

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