September 2014
September 1, 2014

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  • East Coast, West Coast

    New York City has long been considered the dance capital of the world, but this year there’s been enoughMore »

  • Breeding Hybrids

    Los Angeles gets a high-profile interdisciplinary college dance program.

    The news came as a shock, a pleasant one. On May 7, theMore »

  • Taking a Mid-Career Leap

    Cherylyn Lavagnino talks about her decision to leave university administration and pursue her own artistic career. 

    The large, airy studioMore »

  • Touchdowns and Tour Jetés

    A Brooklyn studio attracts young athletes to the barre.  

    On a January morning, two weeks before New Jersey hostedMore »

  • Megan Williams

    How I teach modern

    On a Friday morning at Mark Morris Dance Center at the end of a two-week summer intensive,More »

  • Final Pose


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