September 2012
September 1, 2012

Oh, No! My Students Are…

Nine teachers discuss their most frequent corrections.

Crossing Borders

With careful planning and the right group and guide, embarking on a major class trip is possible.

François Perron

How I teach a tour en l’air

Beyond the Trophies

Embracing competition students into college dance

2012 Higher Ed Guide

141 College and University Dance Programs

Mistakes Are Your Best Teachers

A conversation with choreographer Doug Elkins

Teaching After Childbirth

When is it safe to return to the studio?

Variations on a Theme

Monica Bill Barnes’ music choices help pull out the individual.

Igor Stravinsky

The 20th century’s leading ballet composer

Autism in the Studio

Determine if a child on the spectrum can join your class.

Dancing Around Health Care

Making affordable choices for your studio

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