Resumé Do's and Don’ts
February 16, 2016

In our February issue, we share 6 resumé do’s and don’ts to help you land your next teaching gig.

DO: Tweak for Each Job 

Job postings are like snowflakes—they’re each unique. Thoroughly read the job description and alter your cover letter to explain why you are the teacher they’re looking for. This can be time-consuming, but it shows you’re paying attention to the details.

DON’T: List Every Job You’ve Ever Had

“Guest teachers continue to help my business evolve and stay current in the dance world,” says Sue Sampson-Dalena, owner of The Dance Studio of Fresno. Show the studio owner you’re on top of the latest trends by keeping your job history relevant. It’s OK if your resumé is longer than one page, but it shouldn’t be a novel. If your teaching experience is as extensive as your choreography credits, consider creating two resumés. Also, include a link to your LinkedIn profile (a great marketing tool), where you can add more detailed information about your experience.

For more resumé do’s and don’ts and to learn about opportunities for continuing education, check out our 2016 Teacher Training Guide by subscribing to Dance Teacher.

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