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September 30, 2011

“Singing for Dancers” App for iPhone and iPad

by Liz Caplan Vocal Studios LLC


In a nutshell: A digital voice lesson designed exclusively for dancers.


Dancers are trained from a very young age to keep their mouths shut in class, so it’s no wonder that they have trouble when asked to speak, or worse, sing. Liz Caplan, a vocal coach for over 30 years, understands that singing is a necessary tool for any performer who really wants to make it. So the creator of several Vocal Coach apps for iPhone and iPod has teamed with Dance Spirit magazine to create a singing app just for dancers.


“This app was born of helping dancers create more opportunities for themselves as performing artists,” says Caplan, who believes that everybody has the ability to sing. “Whether they audition for Broadway or a regional theater production’s dancing chorus, the operative word there is chorus. They have to be able to sing.”


With “Singing for Dancers,” students can learn to sing in the privacy of their bedrooms, or teachers can use the app’s exercises and videos in class to help prepare students for future auditions. The app provides an entire vocal lesson without exorbitant cost, time or embarrassment.


“This is a jumping-off point to get comfortable with making sound, since coming to a voice lesson can be very exasperating for dancers,” says Caplan, who’s trained countless dancers throughout her career—from Broadway hoofers to members of the New York City Ballet. She’s incorporated the language of dance into her app, which aids in the transition from communicating physically to communicating vocally.


The vocal warm-ups and exercises created by Caplan teach students not just how to sing, but how to sing and move at the same time. Videos of physical warm-ups blend ballet, Pilates, yoga and more to get the body and facial muscles in perfect singing form. To top it off, a Dance Spirit button links directly to relevant articles from the magazine. Info:


(photo courtesy of Liz Caplan Vocal Studios LLC)

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