Recommended: Melanie LaPatin Presents: Ballroom Remixed
October 31, 2011

In a nutshell: Original music selected by ballroom dance royalty Melanie LaPatin.


Every instructor knows the difficulties of drawing inspiration from a piece of overused music. Even world-champion Latin ballroom dancer and “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Melanie LaPatin has felt the fruitless effect of the same old sambas, tangos and jives. So she teamed up with songwriters Charlie Mason, Richard Hymas and Ricardo Autobahn to create this 22-track album with young up-and-coming artists like Kyle Brylin, Jill Helena and Jeronimo, who all put a current spin on ballroom class. The songs are versatile enough for freestylers, hustlers and even contemporary dancers. “As choreographers, we’re always looking for new music that has a punch to it,” says LaPatin.


The album’s website offers suggestions from LaPatin for specific songs to pair with classic ballroom dances. Including everything from East Coast swing to an electro-pop cha-cha, LaPatin’s suggestions provide the flare to make each original music number a sensation in the classroom or onstage.

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