Recommended: Experiential Anatomy in Dance Technique: Eight Skeletal Explorations
March 16, 2011

Experiential Anatomy in Dance Technique: Eight Skeletal Explorations

by Jennifer Salk, University of Washington

Human Kinetics, 2011


In a nutshell: Anatomy-based lesson plans.


With the increasing push for greater body awareness in dance training, Jennifer Salk, associate professor of dance at the University of Washington, developed this 165-minute instructional DVD to provide eight anatomy-focused lessons for technique class. Each chapter explores a specific body area—from the spine to the hip joint to the toes—which Salk identifies on a life-sized model skeleton. The DVD’s demonstrations of exercises and phrases and routines will help students learn how to feel and identify movements. For example, use Salk’s adagio phrase to find out where a dancer’s rotation is moving from and make sure it is not being forced. Though this DVD is designed for modern dance class, it will help dancers of all genres better understand how their bodies work and make them more dynamic and versatile performers.

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