Recommended: Experiencing Dance: From Student to Dance Artist, 2nd Edition
September 1, 2014

By Helene Scheff, Marty Sprague and Susan McGreevy-Nichols

Human Kinetics; 240 pages; $45

Dance scholars Helene Scheff, Marty Sprague and National Dance Education Organization director Susan McGreevy-Nichols have published a second edition of their Experiencing Dance: From Student to Dance Artist, designed for intermediate and advanced high school students, in a fun and easy-to-read layout. Every chapter offers three or four lessons, each with written assignments and physical activity suggestions. Lesson 8.1, for example—“Differences Between Everyday Movement and Dance”—begins with a “Move It!” movement prompt, using the lesson’s vocabulary words (“abstract movement,” “literal movement,” “movement choir”). A “Take the Stage” activity has students perform everyday tasks—like standing up from and sitting down in a chair—slowly and with great importance, to transform pedestrian movement into dance. “Spotlight” and “Did You Know” sections discuss people or events relevant to the lesson. “Take a Bow,” the concluding activity, requires critical thinking: Students must perform their newly created phrase for their classmates in two different ways, with intention and without, and then share their observations. The textbook’s accompanying student and teacher web resources include journal prompts, video clips, worksheets and interactive chapter review quizzes. This educational supplement covers every facet of dance for your students—technique, performance, choreography and dance history.

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