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September 2, 2016

Power and Space: Percussion for Horton

By Kevin Sport

32 tracks; 72 minutes; $14.99

The Ailey School accompanist Kevin Sport provides rhythmic accompaniment for an entire modern class on this new album. Each of the 32 tracks corresponds to a Horton exercise, like “Laterals” or “Fortification 6.” However, the album’s variety of rhythms is easily translatable to any type of modern technique class.

Inside Ballet Studio: Upper Level Technique Class, Vol. 1

By Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong

42 tracks; 52 minutes; $25

Dance to piano arrangements that span the decades and musical genres, like Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro” or Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” in this CD for an upper level ballet class. Ballet mistress Stephanie Murrish takes listeners through an entire class, including five tracks for men’s exercises at the end of the album.

Hamilton: The Revolution

By Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Grand Central Publishing; 288 pages; $26.49

Playwright, composer and rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary musical about the United States’ first Secretary of the Treasury has taken Broadway by storm. Hamilton: The Revolution contains the musical’s full libretto along with fun footnotes by Miranda and a peek into the production’s six-year journey from concept to opening night.

Beginning Jazz Dance

By James Robey

Human Kinetics; 176 pages; $39

In this installment of Human Kinetics’ Interactive Dance Series, Webster University dance professor James Robey offers students a thorough overview of introductory jazz concepts. An accompanying web resource with photos and video clips complements the book’s many assignments, worksheets, glossary terms and chapter quizzes.

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