Read What Has Made All the Difference for Kelli Erdmann's Dance Career
November 17, 2017

When Wicked ensemble member Kelli Erdman was training at Westlake Dance Center in Seattle, her teacher Kirsten Cooper taught her that focused transitions would be pivotal to her success as a dancer. Now as a professional, Erdmann applies this advice to her daily performances, asserting that she will never let the details of her dancing get blurry.

“Something Kirsten taught me that has been huge for my career is that dance is not just about the moves, tricks or lines. It’s predominantly about the transitions. When transitions are seamless from movement to movement, it improves the whole thing. As a dancer, the facility I was born with wasn’t made for crazy things, but working with Kirsten showed me that if I have smooth and specific transitions, I’ll work. It’s been a huge advantage for me to have that skill.”

You can see Erdmann in Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre New York City.

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