R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What Does Classroom Etiquette Mean to You?
October 23, 2014

These dancers sure look happy. Must be because they respect each other and their teacher!

There’s nothing like a little commiseration to make you feel warm and fuzzy on a dreary fall day. That’s why it’s not surprising that a sassy blog post on classroom etiquette is getting a lot of social-media traffic among dancers this week. The piece laments students arriving late to class, mussing with hair and clothing during choreography and staying silent when the teacher asks if they have any questions—then not knowing the combination. (Gah!) It’s a worthwhile rant, and I definitely recommend reading it. But then, it’s time to take action.

 Instead of complaining about the problems, think about what you can do to solve them. We know that lateness, especially, is a huge issue, but it’s so hard to enforce a strict start time without punishing students. For ideas, check out DT’s roundup of studio owners tackling tardiness in all its forms, from late arrivals to lagging tuition payments. Let students and parents know you’re in charge! How do you outline and enforce class policies for your dancers?

Photo ©istockphoto.com

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