Puja Mohindra: I Like a Teacher Who Actively Corrects Me
December 10, 2015

Photo by Susie Inverso, Crimson Cat Studios, courtesy of Silk Road Rising

In our December issue, we hear what professional dancers have to say about their go-to teachers.

Puja Mohindra

Bharata natyam dancer formerly with Natya Dance Theatre

Chicago, IL

“It helps to have a teacher who’s really honest about whether you’re in the correct level. Recently, I was in a class where I felt I was too advanced for beginner, but not strong enough to be in that class. The teacher agreed, and I appreciated that candor so that I could adjust.

I also always want someone to assist me. When you dance as an adult, it’s a lot of drop-in classes, and often the teachers don’t correct you with such attention to detail. Over time, you can injure yourself. But I’m still an artist and dancer, and I want my technique to improve, so I find someone who will work with me and offer suggestions versus just ‘giving class.’”

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